We create a central location for you swim team's video and results. The swimmers, parents, and fans video the races on their own device, upload to YouTube, and they show up instantaneously on your team's Swim Vid World! With embdedded results & quick links to meet information this is your swim team's go-to resource for easy, convenient, historical access

Meet Calendar

Create your meet schedule with links to meet highlights, video, and results.

Athlete Pages

With personal pages for each athlete you can analyze stroke technique and race strategy over time.

Social Links For Friends & Family

Shareable links create convenient access for friends and family wanting to follow their favorite swimmers.

Recruiting Tool

Used as a recruiting tool, Swim Vid World can help colleges attract higher level athletes and help clubs meet club membership quotas.


Utilizing YouTube as a reliable video hosting platform we integrate competition and training into your team's world.


Keep your team and their families engaged with a modern website. 

"Can't wait to follow my friend's college swimming career!"

"It's been so nice being able to watch my granddaughters swim meets from across the country!"


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